Wednesday, May 19, 2010

gary says "meow"

this feeling of frustration. frustrating and hopeless situation. why this? why now? "maybe because you havent touched a drop of coffee for the past two days" it said to me. me and my addiction for caffeinated liquid. thats a story for another day.

anyway, finals are drawing closer each day. and im sure im not the only one feeling the heat at this moment. part of me cant wait to finish up my paper on the 18th next month and yet another part is dying to go operation ferris bueller. i can already hear roger ebert staring at me and mouthing "your taste sucks" in his signature scowl.

please pardon the lack of coherence here today. my mind is attempting to teleport every 3.7 seconds. me body is struggling to keep up with me head.

happy birthday john! i hope you see this here coz fb is being a stubborn ass by refusing to load properly and im also being a donkey by disowning my phone and thus refusing to even look at it.

so the past couple of weeks have been incredibly productive. managed to spend a lot of quality time with the company of amazing people. even had one of my starstruck moment when i met up with a person whom ive come to admire since i first read her article in malaysia today. i felt like a total idiot when i didnt recognize her name when TJ mentioned her for the first time. not until i googled and found out who she was. see this is me and my failing memory when it comes to names. i really have to stop using my inhaler so often.

so much has happened in such a short period of time. things are looking a lot better now. im just too lazy to talk about it right now so we'll just keep that for another day when i burn my phd in procrastination.

well good luck to those of you who are mugging right now. all the best for those who will be sitting for their finals in the next couple of weeks. thats all for now i guess.

ok babai.


John Loh said...

Thanks bebeh! You know I'm an ARDENT reader of your blog =p
And good luck with finals. I don't have any exams this semester but I'm plastered with reports instead, so gambateh!

shane said...

*barks* *barks*

good luck with the final kariri!