Friday, July 02, 2010

thank you

sometimes i wish that i could be one of those who could just walk away. realize that its not only no longer making you feel good but also bringing yourself down, and just walk away.

i dont want to see it as this. i do cherish the memories, but right now it feels like its the memories that are making me stay and turn a blind eye from what is happening right now.

anyways, on a happier note, im on a short trip to visit two friends. its funny how life always surprises us. like they say, you win some you lose some.

right now im feeling extremely blessed and grateful to all the people that He has brought into my life. extremely thankful to have the chance to cross paths with such good company of folks.

thank you victor for being such a good tour guide. thank you for introducing me to such a great bunch of friends. thank you for accompanying me everyday and making sure that ive had my daily dose of caffeine so that i dont get cranky and act like a spoilt brat.

thank you serena, jason, and matt for being so cool with the whole crashing over thing. thank you for putting up with me dancing and meowing in the kitchen, in the living room, in the dining room, and victor's moans and groans when i whack him. thank you for bringing me out and being my elder siblings whenever victor or matt bullies me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! matt i still want to kick your face everytime i see you!

thank you nhat and bae for bringing me out for food and coffee. thank you for feeding me and making sure that this fat kid/cat doesnt die of famine. thank you for the cooking. thank you for meowing with me everytime matt gives me the death stare.

thank you rachel and alvin for the delicious dinner. thank you for feeding me with pork. thank you sean and conrad for driving me around from the airport to freemantle and pizza! thank you ee voon for the bus card and teaching me how to not make cooking mama angry!

thank you leeyi for being so patient with me when im late. TWICE! im so sorry bout what happened at the city the other day. sorry for making you wait for an hour when youre already not feeling well. thank you for waiting for me AGAIN when we went to the city the second time around. thank you for introducing me to your housemates with awesome cooking skills. i hope things with you and him works out.

its still pretty early to write this but im just feeling really grateful throughout this whole week. will probably update this whole thank you note thing every week or everytime im feeling grateful. teehee.

i miss malaysia and the sun already!