Tuesday, April 03, 2012


its such a funny weather today, i said.

yea... i left the back window opened at work today. it was so soothing that i did everything so slowly. you know how when you're so used to working from behind a desk, then you start to be so slow at work... so slow at...

manual labour? i finished, questioningly.

yea... manual labour.

he then went on about the angry indian cab driver and how the guy who called in to the radio station won some tickets when he related the unfortunate tale of his broken penis which took a six-hour surgery to fix.

the last thing i remembered about the conversation was something about him coming to a conclusion of how he shouldn't have sex with skinny women, as to prevent his penis from breaking. just like the guy on the radio.

i then stubbed my cigarette and walked into the house, closing the door behind me.

it was like he never existed.

Monday, April 02, 2012

wild lavender

today has been a strange day for me.

im not sure why do i feel this way actually. there's just this overwhelming sense of emptiness, inadequacy.

its not the first time. i've even gotten used to feeling this way. but for some reason today was just, different.

i thought i just needed some fresh air. i'm still really not used to this whole carpet deodorising scent. wild lavender it says, on the label. what a lie. which is why i got the gardenia and sandalwood diffuser.

your room smells like india, he said.

its ok. i like it this way.

then i went for a walk. in the rain.

theres this thing with rain drops that makes me feel like I'm being peeled off my sins. all the insanity and troubles just slowly dripping off with each step, leaving them laying on the pavement - wet and lonely.

but that wasn't what happened.

not today.

today, everything just felt really heavy. and stale.

i tried inhaling a breath of fresh air but it just smelled like bottled wild lavender.