Friday, April 02, 2010

how to cure sleep deprivation

hai adik-adik! today i wanna share with you guys one way (really successful!) to cure insomnia.

trust me when i say that this has been a very successful way (for me) for curing sleeping problems. especially when its coming from me! for those of you who knows my sleeping patterns, you would know that ive been battling insomnia for lord knows how long already.

this might not be the healthiest (but i wouldnt say that its unhealthy either) way, but maybe you could give it a try.

couple of days back, i realized that im no longer that stressed out with assignments. its a pretty heavy load with all the weekly submissions and stuff, but ive managed to handle my procrastination issue pretty well so far so maybe thats also one of the reasons why i dont feel so stressed out about it now. yea anyway, ive been getting (almost) 8 hours of sleep everyday but still its always around 2 in the morning before i could knock off into lala land and im so used to waking up before 8am now. then from the beginning of this week, i decided that i really need to try to sleep before midnight.

ok apologies on the paragraph long intro, but heres my solution. normally around 8something at night, i take a small bowl of rice. just rice with a bit of butter or soy sauce. small bowl coz my lunch is already a plate of mixed rice hur hur hur. so yea, after that small bowl of rice, i ALWAYS feel sleepy after 15-30minutes. then i terus sleep. right up to maybe around 2am, then i'll chat with some friends on msn for bout an hour plus, then fall back to sleep till 7.30am.

i dont know bout you guys, but i think you could give it a shot. i know its not healthy to have a heavy meal at night, but i try to do it before 9pm and its just a small bowl of rice (the kind youre served in chinese restaurants) so i dont think its too much of a harm. i guess it works for me so well because i almost ALWAYS feel damn sleepy after makan.


what a way to breed myself into a mcfatty.

i heard that chubby cheeks and thighs are a hit this year! *in denial*

shaddap i know that my arms are big!

okok i'll lose weight this weekend!

or next week..


maybe. *shifty eyes*


tequilla said...

WTF?! karen KOK I want the HIAO whatever photo!!!! God damn I almost forgot that we actually went to beh beh during summer break! And what a lousy solution for your insomnia = = feeling sleepy after eating was a normal chemical reaction kie?