Wednesday, March 17, 2010

bila dua orang gendut bersembang di msn

Karenkok says:
rupa-rupanya adik lehu pun nak tengok akak karen gemuk balik...

leonardez says:
of course
keranamu malaysia
i mean
kerana adik lehu tengah fat fat nya ta

leonardez says:
so kena ada PREN

Karenkok says:
er chui lar
youre tall ok!
you dont look fat lor

leonardez says:
no no no

Karenkok says:
you think im tall also is it?

leonardez says:
tak bole cakap macam tu

Karenkok says:
if i had your height i will just makan dont care lor

leonardez says:
like what ive been doing for the past 21 years?

Karenkok says:
*blink blink
actually i also put on weight
and its just FOUR days in segamat
can you imagine if its a week
i think my old clothes also cannot pakai
coz my mom cooked assam fish~
but i damn miss the food at home lar
its damn er chui lor

leonardez says:
assam ikann

Karenkok says:
after makan like nobodys business in segamat
come back to desa almost everyday i walk out alone to eat at the malay stall
cannot be disciplined ady

leonardez says:
good eh

Karenkok says:
good your head!
its damn eowh lor this time
really damn scared that i will fat back lar
but then my brain keep telling me to eat

this is the scenario:

tummy: feed me.. feeeeeed meeeeee....
karen: stfu!

5mins later

karen: akak, nasi goreng kampung satu tambah ayam. nak peha eh. dgn satu teh o ais limau

leonardez says:
5 mins later
akak lagi satu

Karenkok says:
dont lor
segamat really damn shiok lor
just eat and sleep only
if want to be babi no need to buy appeton weight gain
just go to segamat


tequilla said...

fat fat fat fat... I ALSO FAT EH damm eowh ==

karen said...

then we all be fat and happy together! wooooo~!!! i think we used the wrong term here. should be chubby and cute instead of fat~ ;)

trinasonic said...

yes, im interested. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH FML.

karen said...

katrina, our next trip will be to canada to buy viagra!